Karen Darby

Money can be many things to many different people. Each person you meet has a different expectation and point of view on the topic. If you look back at your life, I’m sure you can find a few stories that stick out and shaped your view and beliefs on the subject.

I’ve always been taught that debt is bad and to live within my means, even as a child and I’m very grateful for those lessons. I believe the most impactful lesson I learned was when I was going through my divorce. At the time I was working parttime so I could stay home with my son and my husband was the primary income earner. Not having a job made the decision to leave so much harder. I remember trying to figure out another way and trying to talk myself into staying because I didn’t know if I could support myself and my son.

During that challenging time, I realized money isn’t just a form of currency we exchange for goods and services. Money is independence, freedom and options. Without it you are stuck in whatever situation you find yourself in. Money doesn’t solve all problems, but with it you are in control of your own life. Knowing what I know now and living through that time will make me always want to earn an income and have my own savings and investments so I know no matter what my future is in my hands and not someone else’s.

I chose this career to help others take control of their finances and in turn their lives. If you are unsure of how to start saving for your goals, reach out for help. It’s so important to take that first step and just ask.