Jacobi Research Tools

The following resources are part of our many tools available to clients

We use a variety of research and tools from partners to create a comprehensive planning and investment strategy to help you pursue your goals.

Financial Planning

Broadridge Foremost Advice

Through Broadridge Foremost Advice, we offer a number of educational pieces on various financial topics. Useful calculators can help clients plan for some of the most unexpected events or be prepared to reach their goals in the future.


The Advisys software combines goals based planning, educational content, and motivating calculators to help clients prepare for their future. By breaking down complex topics into plain language and simple images, clients can have a better understanding of their financial picture.

Jacobi Wealth Dashboard

The Jacobi Wealth Dashboard is our comprehensive financial planning tool. Clients have access to their own portal where they can store important documents in the secure vault, aggregate outside accounts with their Jacobi Capital investment portfolios, and create goals to work towards a more secure financial future.

Advisory World

Advisory World’s financial planning software allows Jacobi to analyze portfolios to ensure they are aligned with a client’s risk tolerance and intentions. The investment analysis and hypothetical illustrations available through Advisory World help keep clients on track in the pursuit of their financial goals.

Investment Management

Ned Davis Research

Ned Davis Research helps Jacobi Capital to make decisions with unbiased, insightful and risk appropriate market and global economic data and analysis. The research is a source for us to gather raw data based on valuations, sentiment, momentum, and monetary factors that we use to develop some of our proprietary investing models. The data helps us make investment decisions on a macro level where we analyze global market cycles to determine the risk profile of the current markets.

Valens Research

Valens is a key contributor to Jacobi’s ability to obtain reliable accounting metrics in quantifying individual equity and macro analysis. Its credit analysis on equities is an important tool in evaluating where a business cycle lies on any given point as well as insights on current debt walls that may be material to a business’s ability to operate successfully. We are able to use this information to determine if a company’s debt will prevent them from meeting obligations.


The Applied Finance Group (AFG) is an independent equity research and consulting firm that applies bottom-up fundamental analysis on over 20,000 companies worldwide. Jacobi Capital uses AFG to identify wealth creating businesses to determine the sustainability of cash flows and their competitive advantages. Their proprietary framework, Economic Margin ™ (EM), gives us the ability to find a company, identify their Economic Margins, Earnings Quality, and Momentum, and compare against key competitors within a given sector or industry.

The Leuthold Group

The Leuthold Group is an independent firm that provides financial research through a disciplined, quantitative, and contrarian approach. It provides commentary on the stock market and economy, bond market observations, equity strategies, overall asset mix tactics, and examination of a wide range of industry-related subjects. Jacobi uses these insights the shape our views of the markets.

Intrinsic Research Systems

Intrinsic Research Systems applications use a deep and detailed content set to analyze thousands of companies based on fundamentals, pricing, estimates filings, classification, and a library of comprehensive business reference data. Jacobi Capital uses Intrinsic for a deeper dive into the quantitative analysis of companies, including valuations, earnings and revenues estimates, insider ownership and transactions, and more.

Credit Suisse Holt

Holt has proven successful in its methodology of quantifying the cash flows above the cost of capital, reinvesting those cash flows, and growing its asset base. It has a framework that allows screening on these parameters that Jacobi implements to develop our “Fishing Pond” for idea generation. Holt also provides a qualification element of a company’s business to determine what risks or opportunities a company may have within the current market price and management profile.

S&P Global

S&P Global has been gathering data for more than 150 years from around the world. They provide information on credit ratings, price assessments, analytical models and valuations. Jacobi uses this information to gather a more detailed quantitative analysis, including valuations, earning and revenue estimates, insider ownership and transactions, and more.


Morningstar helps to determine a company’s competitive advantage, the sustainability of that advantage, and the barriers to entry in any given industry. While the ratings system is used for validity purpose, it is not instrumental to our investment decisions.