If it feels like everyone took secret classes on how to manage and save money – you’re not alone. The focus of this series is to help answer the questions you may be too afraid to ask so you can make smarter decisions about how to spend, save, invest, avoid tax mistakes and much much more.

Finances are one of the leading stressors of modern life, yet they are rarely discussed openly. Often talking about money among friends and family can be considered taboo, so the subject is mostly avoided. If you are starting to learn about money through trial and error, it could be terrifying. Growing up between the dotcom bubble and ’08 financial crisis, our generation has become skeptical of the markets and has taken a much different approach to investing than our parents and grandparents.

Don’t let the future freak you out. Your journey towards financial success will look different from your peers. Not everything in this series will seem relevant to you and that’s OK. Our goal at Jacobi Capital is to is to guide you along the path that best suits your needs and goals so you can have a solid foundation to make smart choices with money in the future. If you can’t wait to learn more or want to start taking control of your finances, reach out to your Jacobi Wealth Advisor for access to the Jacobi Wealth Dashboard! We hope you can learn something from this series and feel a little more confident making your money matter.